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The Sheba appreciation thread

So I felt the need to make this thread, since Sheba is becoming more and more one of my favorite characters in the Alma Torran arc, and one of the best female characters in Magi. Her evolution from the first time she was introduced, to what she is now is astonishing. She went from a creepy kid who’s been brainwashed, to one of the most loyal followers of Solomon, and she will evolve again in the future(if indeed she is Gyokuen)
I gotta confess, I hated her when she was introduced.What she said and did wasn’t acceptable for me.Even her eyes were empty

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But when she was introduced properly to the other species, and felt that they were no different than humans,she started regretting her ways, especially after she felt responsible for the death of Momo’s father.

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And 5 years later, she became a beautiful young woman and a badass magician who fights for Solomon’s ideals.She falls for him, although she also wants to be like him, which can be a bad thing, because she will only be disappointed when he rejects her love or he changes

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I know that the arc is far from over, and that something will happen that will make her betray Solomon, but still I think she’s one of the best characters in the series. So do you guys like her as a character?
I couldn’t help myself not to post this awesome compilation of Sheba and Gyokuen’s shots

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あげまんと福ちん Age Man to Fuku Chin [RAW].avi

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Comment: Language: Japanese Lenght: ~30min per episode Episodes: 1 Type: AVI
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